Some historical Press:
The Disaster at Ray's Luau Released 06 Aug 2002
John's Exclusive Interview on the Little Children Feedback 02 Jun 2001
Another Pitfall for the Gods of Rock 03 Feb 2000

Some Other Highlights:

December 25th 2013 - Coming this January 1st 2014... it's the Putrid Flowers in... Midnight in the Summer of Caffeine.

April 2nd 2007 - The Dancing with a Stranger EP has been released.
February 28th 2007 - The new EP has been officially titled - Dancing with a Stranger
December 1st 2006 - The new EP (tentatively titled Short on Time) is almost complete! Expect it soon... We'll keep ya posted.
July 18th 2006 - The Putrid Flowers are in the studio again recording their next release, which is scheduled to be an EP for later in the year
December 1st 2005 - Young for the Last Time released!
January 20th 2005 - The softmore full length, Young for the Last Time, has been completed in the studio. We'll let you know when the release is coming.
November 1st 2004 - Look for new releases soon. On the Eve of Saint Agnes has been renamed Young for the Last Time and the release has been delayed until mid 2005.
October 1st 2004 - New merchandise up on the site!!
September 18th 2004 - The Putrid Flowers are heading into the studio in the next couple weeks to do the final recording on their upcoming album “On the Eve of St. Angus”. It’s due out November 9th, but may have to be pushed back, we’ll keep you updated.
August 18th 2004 - The One the Eve of Saint Agnes demos are complete. Expect some more pre-release singles soon!
August 1st 2004 - The Putrid Flowers are heading into the studo to record demos for the On the Eve of Saint Agnes. Once complete, they'll head over to the studio again with producer John Agnello to record the final full release. Due date of the full release is November 04.
July 20th 2004 - Putrid Flower's merchandise now available through Cafeshops. Check it our for all your sticker, clothing, hat and time keeping needs. Yes, we even have thongs!
April 19th 2004 - The Putrid Flowers unreleased track, "Going Your Way", has been picked to appear on the soundtrack of the upcoming Xposse Productions horror flick entitled, "Rise of the Scarecrows." Other bands on the soundtrack are Bitchslicer, Joe Becker, Hellblock 6,
February 1st 2003 - The Putrid Flowers have been chosen as the subjects of a documentary being directed and produced by Erica Spatz. The documentary will document the making of the next release, highlighting the influences and themes behind the new music.
December 23rd 2002 - Preview track called Going Your Way released from the upcoming full length "On the Eve of St. Agnes."
August 6th 2002 - The Putrid Flowers have released, The Disaster at Ray's Luau a live acoustic CD recorded last year.
July 17th 2002 - The Putrid Flowers are about to release a live acoustic CD recorded last year. Sure to be a collectors item
January 28th 2002 - Show has been added for NYC (3/6/02) at the Acme Underground.
June 12th 2001 - We now have STICKERS! Soon, you will be able to order them from this site. For now, if you want one, contact us!
May 2nd 2001 - The Putrid Flowers latest CD is reviewed by HYBRIDMAGAZINE. Be sure to check it out!
March 1st 2001 - The Putrid Flowers are given the number 5 slot on's February Top 10.
February 22nd 2001 - The Putrid Flowers were supposed to appear on WFMU 91.1 FM (NJC/NJ). However, a late unexpected snowstorm hit the NYC area creating transportation problems which caused the Flowers to cancel.
February 5th 2001 - A review of the new CD is this weeks' featured review on Check it out.
January 8th 2001 - The Putrid Flowers will be appearing on WFMU 91.1 in New Jersey on Thursday, Feb 22nd at 11pm.
December 20th 2000 - The December Garageband Final Countdown is over. The Putrid Flowers had been included in the final round of Garageband's December 2000 Final Countdown contest. The top 100 songs (out of tens of thousands that entered at the time) had made it in and If I J
December 1st 2000 - The Putrid Flowers hit If I Just Could Make It On My Own has been included in the December Final Countdown on Only the top 100 songs make it and their song finished at #89.
November 26th 2000 - The new stock of the Little Children CD is now in! They are currently being mailed to everyone who has ordered one. Expect it shortly.
August 24th 2000 - The Putrid Flowers are climbing up the charts in the competition.
July 31st 2000 - now contains mp3's by The Putrid Flowers. Visit the site by clicking here.
July 15th 2000 - It's Here! The highly anticipated CD "...And For The Little Children, Sing." is finally done!
March 1st 2000 - The Putrid Flowers get ready for an extensive tour of Lansdale, PA.

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