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By The Way - 7 inch ...And For The Little Children, Sing The Disaster at Rays Luau
Paint By #s - Single Young for the Last Time Paint By #s (Again...) - Single
Dancing with a Stranger - EP Midnight in Mid-America - Single Midnight in the Summer of Caffeine

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Go Fuck Your Music Reviews - Compilation Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain - Compilation Redefine the Rock Star: Volume 2 - Compilation
Punk Rock Hard Core all ages - Compilation Three and a Half - Issue 3 The International Punk Rock Box Set
Redefine the Rock Star: Volume 5 - Compilation Volume One George Washington Skratch Magazine Volume XII - Compilation
Veggie Music Volume 1 - All Silicone, No Talent Compilation Robert Productions 1st Annual Punk Rock Compilation Global Punk - Volume 1
Global Punk - Volume 2 Sexy Killer Records - Compilation 8

Trials and Tribulations Video The Addiction Xposse Production Films
Sea Otter 2007

Unreleased Tracks

Midnight in the Summer of Caffeine
Midnight in the Summer of Caffeine
Some years ago we began writing songs for others to perform. During this time a seed was planted and eventually, we decided to record a song cycle ourselves. We knew we were on to something when we found out that those others actually started covering what we rehearsed in the studio. The songs were loosely based around summer which was to contrast the darker themes presented on the Agnello record and at the core contain conflicting ideas ---tradition vs. modernity, rural vs. urban, movement vs. stasis etc--- wrapped in pretty melodies presented in ugly ways. Here are those songs. Listen loud and enjoy.

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Exit Stage Left... | mp3 | lyrics
Longest Kiss Goodbye | mp3 | lyrics
Cadillac Road | mp3 | lyrics
Midnight in Mid-America | mp3 | lyrics
Un-Identified | mp3 | lyrics
UCLA | mp3 | lyrics
Suit Made of Lightning | mp3 | lyrics
Tiny Rivers | mp3 | lyrics
Delaware | mp3 | lyrics
When Love Starts to Happen | mp3 | lyrics
Mrs McGreavey | mp3 | lyrics
Summer of Caffeine | mp3 | lyrics

with Midnight in the Summer of Caffeine

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